Good Fortune and Others

Invite auspiciousness and wealth into your home with Good Fortune Puja. Shuhb Laabh, Lord Shiv, Goddess Lakshmi, Lord Ganesh, Lord Laxshmi Narayan are worshipped to bring in good luck an remove/ curb the problems caused by bad planetary positions.

Group Rudrabhishek to appease Lord Shiva

Remove all negativities and enjoy a happy life with Rudraabhishek puja

Mustard Oil Abhishek for debt removal, enemy destruction & win in litigations

On Maha Shivratri get freed from enemy destruction, debt and win litigations with Mustard Oil Abhishek - Enjoy blessings of good health and get relived from monetary problems

21 maala Maha Mrityunjaya Jaap with Rudrabhishek for overall prosperity on Maha Shivratri

Maha Shivratri is celebrated by worshipping Lord Shiva and is considered as a favourable occasion in Hindu culture.

Durga Saptashati: 22nd March to 30th March 2023

Let Durga Saptashloki Stotram bless you with good health, wealth and prosperity

Birthday Puja

Birthday Puja - What Pooja to be performed on birthdays

For known ancestral Pitr Dosh shanti - Narayan Bali

Pitr Dosh applies when a paternal or a maternal family member passes away unnaturally and the final rites are not done as per the rituals.

Shradh Puja

Shradh-Pitru Paksha- Shradh is a ritual that is performed to give Moksha to our departed ancestors as per the Hindu tradition.

Bhairav Puja

Lord Shiva is also known as Bhairav, or Kaal Bhairav. It is believed that Lord Shiva created him from his nail. It is very easy to adore Lord Kaal Bhairav.

Maa Kali

Here is the best way to get rid of all your personal and professional problems. Maa Kali is known as the destroyer of bad vibes and evil forces, hence chanting the appropriate mantras will definitely assure you a peaceful life.

Rudrabhishek Pujan

Abhishek is done by pouring holy materials on the Lord and pray. Gods get easily pleased with the Abhishek.

Pret Bhadha Shanti - Vandurga Anushthan

Pitr Dosh occurs when the funeral of ancestors was not performed in the right manner and following proper traditions

MahaKali puja

Among the Dus Mahavidya's, Goddess Kali maintains a prominent position. The word /”kali” stands for “the black one”. The complexion of Goddess Kali is black and that is why she is known to be Ka...

Hanuman puja

Also known as Mahavir, Lord Hanuman is the symbol of health, physical strength, victory and commitment. He is loved by the all and is worshipped in various parts of the world, especially India. He is ...

Kaal Sarp Shanti puja

Kaal sarp dosha nivaran puja - What is Kaal sarp Yog? Kaalsarp is a Yog, when all the planets come in between the axis of Rahu and Ketu. People having Kaalsarp yog in their horoscope face lot many har

Kaalsarp Dosha Shanti Puja

Kaalsarp Yoga or Kaalsarp dosh occurs when the planets come in between Rahu and Ketu and people suffer from the ill effects of this yoga.

Maa Baglamukhi Path

Maa Baglamukhi Path : 1.25 lakh Mantras

Luck enhancement Group Puja

New Year gives you an opportunity to start afresh and turn luck in your favour. World over, New Year is an occasion of great interest and is celebrated with great pomp. Each New Year, gives you an opportunity to enhance you luck. Even in India,

Sundar Kand with Chola Arpan, Dhwaja Arpan and Ladoo Bhog on Hanuman Jayanti: 6th April 2023

Pawan Putra Hanuman is one of the most revered and adored deities for the Hindus. He is worshipped all around the world and his unwavering faith in Lord Rama reiterates the true definition of faith and worship. Celebrating and honouring Lord Hanuman

108 Rin Mochan Ganpati Stotra Path with Homam for Debt Relief

Ganesh Chaturthi or Vinayaka Chaturthi is one of the most popular Hindu festivals. It is celebrated as the birthday of Lord Ganesha, the God of wisdom

Special Birthday Puja with Homam

The most important day in a person’s life is his own birthday. Whether one is six years old or sixty years old, his/her birthday remains a day when important changes occur in his life. Every year, with your birthday, the position of planets and s

Special Group Puja for Nazar Dosha Nivaran on Kalashtami

Kaal bhairav Jayanti is dedicated to the Kaal God, known as Kaal Bhairava (Avatar of Lord Shiva). On this day, devotees perform Puja to please the Lord. It is celebrated all over India.Why should we perform Kaal Bhairav Puja on Kalashtami Worshipping

Baadha Nivaran Homam on Kalashtami

Lord Kaal Bhairav is the wrathful manifestation of Lord Shiva. It is said that Lord Shiva incarnated in the form of Kaal Bhairav to teach Lord Brahma a lesson. Kalabhairav Jayanti, dedicated to Lord Kaal Bhairav, is an auspicious day to appease him.

Ashta Bhairava Homam on Kalashtami

The Ashta Bhairavaare: Asithanga, Unmatha, Bheeshana, Chanda,Krodha, Ruru, Kapaala and Samhaara

Kudrishti Shanti Puja on Kalashtami

Benefits: Relief of sufferings and problems related to paranormal world. You can get rid of all your problem

Shatru Vinashak Yagya on Kaal Bhairav Ashtami

Lord Kaal Bhairav is an angry and wrathful incarnation of Lord Shiva. He is the god of time, i.e. Kaal means Time and Bhairav, the manifestation of Lord Shiva. Ashtami after the Purnima, the eight days after full moon, is considered the ideal day to propitiate Kaal Bhairav.

Puja for everlasting love

Uma Maheshwar Puja on eve of Valentine day is able to accomplish a purpose for people who are looking for love in their life and are looking for desired partner. This puja is the most powerful way to remove all known & unknown obstacles in love

Ganpati Sthapna and Visarjan Puja

Ganesh Chaturthi is one of the most popular festivals celebrated in India to propitiate Lord Ganesha. Also known as Vinayak Chaturthi, Lord Ganesha is revered as the God of wisdom,  Vignaharta – remover of all obstacles, giver of prosperity, f

Ganesh Puja

Lord Ganesh is one of the most loved gods in Hinduism. Hindus are very fond of Ganesh and you will find at least one picture or image of Ganesh in the altar of every Hindu household. The cute elephant head, the pot belly, child-like body and huge

Ganesh Chaturthi Puja

Ganesh Chaturthi or Vinayaka Chaturthi is one of the most popular Hindu festivals. It is celebrated as the birthday of Lord Ganesha, the God of wisdom. This Chaturthi has special importance and is very dear to Lord Ganesh. This Chaturthi is very

Group Ganesh Puja to overcome troubles and invite success in life

Ganesh Puja Benefits: It is believed that puja offered on this day bestows devotees with: •    Excellent results and higher education of students.•    Overall materialistic and spiritual dev

Group Ganesh Chaturthi Anusthan

Ganesh Chaturthi is one of the most important days in the Hindu Mythology, as it is believed that Lord Ganesha was born on this day. He is the God of prosperity, good fortune, and wisdom. Also known as Vinayaka Chaturthi and Sankashti Chaturthi, it

Manokamna Siddhi Puja

Every human being on this earth has their own wishes and dreams and in order to make them come true; people work hard and give their best efforts.

Overcome malefic Rahu, Ketu And Chandrama with Rudrabhishek on Mahashivratri

Mahashivratri literally means the ‘great night of Shiva’ celebrated to praise and please the Lord Shiva. Largely celebrated in India and Nepal, with decoration & colourful lights all around, all the devotees sing hymns & chants in the name of Lord Shiva.

Seek blessings of Lord Shiva with Rudrabhishek on shivratri

Known for the name ‘Bholenath’, Lord Shiva is also called by Mahadev, Shankar & Rudra, is the highly called-out name for Lord Shiva.

108 Mala Maha Mrityunjaya Jaap & Rudrabhishek on Mahashivratri

Maha Mrityunjaya is one of the most powerful homams, which can help you overcome all the miseries of life. Dedicated to Lord Shiva, this homam is also known as Maha Sanjeevani Homam.

Perform Karya Siddhi Puja to conclude the work in a prosperous way

Karya Siddhi puja is observed by worshipping Goddess Laxmi, Goddess Parvati, Goddess Durga, and Lord Ganesha to fulfill life with complete joy and well-being

Conduct Satyanarayan Katha Poojan to attain a successful life

The term Satyanarayan refers to the topmost spirit who is an embodiment of truth

Strengthen the power of the gemstone with Rashi Ratan Poojan

Gemstones are also known as Ratans which contain miraculous power in them that can heal one’s difficulties

Vidya Safalta Prapti Poojan to achieve intelligence and success in life

The graceful observance of Vidya Safalta Prapti Poojan offers a great tribute to Goddess Saraswati who is known as Goddess of wisdom, knowledge, art, music, and learning

Vijay Sidhi Mangal Poojan to attain infinite success in every path of life

Vijay Sidhi Mangal Poojan is conducted to win the legal proceedings against the opponent

Perform Vishwakarma Pooja to attain excellence in the work

Vishwakarma is considered as the world's first engineer and architect who has created empires as well as weapons for Gods

Guru Purnima Poojan to seek divine blessings from our honorable Gurus

Guru is recognized as the remover of obstacles in the Hindu religion

Lalitha Sahasranama Pooja for immense joy and peace in life

The sacred rituals of Lalitha Sahasranama Pooja is dedicated to Goddess Lalitha

Manipura Chakra Balancing Puja and Mantra Japa to reach the targets of life

Among the seven Chakras, the third Chakra is Manipura Chakra which is also called Solar Plexus Chakra

Fulfill your wishes by getting the Rudrabhishek done online

Rudrabhishek is considered as the most effective way to please Lord Shiva

Overcome your financial problems with online Shiva Sahastrachan Puja

The significance of Shiva Sahastrachan is particularly mentioned in the Puranas

Purify your soul and attain eternal bliss with online Gho Daanam Puja

In the Hindu religion, it is believed that donation done of anything returns to us in various forms

Online Dasha Dhanam for peace and prosperity in life

Dhanam or Donation is an act of giving something to others with faith and sincerity.

Online puja services for today's fast-paced life

In today's fast-paced life people do not get enough time for pooja and their arrangements but want to achieve happiness and peace in life

Fulfil your specific wish by performing purpose wise puja

In Hinduism, various rituals and pujas are performed with utmost faith and devotion to attain blessings of Gods.

Live a happy and prosperous life by getting Lord Ganesh Puja online

Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati's son Lord Ganesha is the one who destroys evils and obstacles

Obtain the divine grace of Gods at Goddesses by listening to their divine Katha online

In the Hindu community, religious storytelling is done during spirituals events and special occasions.
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