Why go for for e-Puja or online puja?

Pujas are a form expressing your gratitude to The Almighty for all that he has bestowed on us. All of us know that God respects our Faith & Feeling and not the form of worship. Thus online puja is a great medium for you to convey your respect to God, keeping all the religious believes & requirements in mind. Online Pujas eliminates the barriers of time or lack of knowledge of Vedic Rituals that come between you and God.

Is there a benefit of performing puja online as the person for whom the puja done is not present?

At Astroahead pujas are performed by expert pundits keeping the Vedic Rituals in mind. They call out the name of the Jajmaan (the person on whose behalf the puja is being conducted) and also say out the wish of the Jajmaan for helping him/her seek the blessing of God. Our clients have given positive feedback of the pujas that we have performed of their behalf.

What is Sankalp?

Sankalp is a Sanskrit word that means "Desire", "Wish" or "Intention". The Sanlakp is stated by the Jajmaan and it is read aloud by our pundits, who are conducting the puja, infront of God. Saying out the Sankalp or the wish of the Jajmman before the Almighty is a way of expressing the heartfelt desire of the person who is getting the Puja performed and the Puja is the means to fulfil that desire.

How can I order a Puja online?

Just follow these simple steps to book an online puja.

  • Click on the Puja you wish to get performed
  • Next, click on Buy Now
  • Enter your details (they re required to perform the puja with all the Vedic Rituals)
  • Next, Click on Proceed to Pay

You will receive a payment confirmation & your online puja will be booked.
An email & SMS containing the Date & Time of your puja will also be sent to you. Once the Puja is performed, your prasad will be delivered at your registered address.
In case of any query, you can Email us @ support@astroahead.com or call us @ 8800870210

If I opt for a puja online will I also have to make any arrangements?

No, you would not need to make any arrangements. Our team organizes each and everything required for performing the puja, right from a pundit, to puja/hawan samagri (Kalash, Ganga Jal, Milk, Curd, Honey, Ghee, Mango Leaves, etc.) to Prasad and Brahman Bhoj.

Can I book a Puja for someone else?

Yes you can book a puja for anybody, be it your parents, relatives, friends etc. You just need to tell us the details of the person you are ordering the puja for.

Can I choose the time slot for the puja?

Our experts conduct a though research of the planetary positions and the ‘shubh marurat’ to perform the puja. Different pujas are performed at different time of the day so we take utmost care to perform the pujas at the most auspicious time as stated by our experts and pundits. We thus fix the slot for the pujas basis the time suggested by our experts.

Why should I order an online puja from astroahead?

At Astro Ahead we respect your reverence towards God and make sure that the Puja is performed only by expert pundits who adhere to all the Vedic rituals. Also, our efficient team organizes everything for you, right from a pundit, to puja/hawan samagri (Kalash, Ganga Jal, Milk, Curd, Honey, Ghee, Mango Leaves, etc.) to Prasad and Brahman Bhoj.
Pundits at Astro Ahead conduct the puja on behalf of the jajmaan (YOU) to ensure that you receive maximum benefits of the puja. We also provide you with link through which you can watch the live streaming of the Puja and seek the blessings of the Lord.

Which all pujas can I order?

Users at astroahead can choose from over 500 pujas listed on our site to bring good luck & fortune in their life.

Apart from this, you can opt for our services like:

How will I know when my puja is successfully completed?

Astroahead will provide you a link to help you see the live streaming of your puja and you can see the puja till it is over. All you need to do is copy and paste the link in your laptop/computer on the specified Date and Time. You will be able to see the live telecast of your puja. as the Also, an email will be sent to you on the successful completion of you puja.

What will I receive as Prasad after the Puja?

The Prasad is dependent on the puja that is performed. Usually, the Prasada includes packets of Kumkum, Vibhooti, Sandalwood paste and in some cases flowers, coconuts and cloth.
Only non-perishable Prasad is delivered at your registered address through Indian Postal System. In case of perishable items like food, fruits etc., we usually distribute them in the temple in the name of the jajmaan, free of cost.
The Prasad is usually delivered within 7 to 25 days from the date Puja. Shipping details are sent to you so that you are able to track the movement of the consignment.

Can I change /pre-pone /postpone my booking?

Pujas re scheduled keeping the time and mahurat in mind so it is not advisable to prepone the date and time of puja. Thus, puja once ordered cannot be preponed.
You can however, get the puja re-scheduled as per your convenience. You have inform us at least 72 hours prior to Puja date and time. It would help us undertake necessary changes without causing any inconvenience to you.
In case of any query, you can Email us @ support@astroahead.com or call us @ 8800870210

Can I cancel a Puja after booking? Would I be eligible for a refund?

Once you book a Puja, you would need to inform us 72 hours in advance if you wish to cancel the puja as all the necessary arrangements are set in motion for the puja you order. Refund is not allowed. You can however get the puja re-scheduled for a later date. You can also order any other puja in lieu of the amount that is deposited with us.

Can I opt for multiple services at one go?

Yes, you can opt for multiple pujas or a combination of puja and service as per your requirement. Just make sure all the services/pujas do not coincide on the same date.

Who do I contact in case I face any issues?

In case of any query, you can:
Email us @support@astroahead.com
Call us @ 8800870210