Palmistry: Briefing the Birth Chart Analysis

Palmistry is a branch of astrology, where the future can be predicted with the help of reading the lines of the palm. It is an occult science and is one of the easiest ways to predict the future. The impression and lines on the palm help in analyzing the future and also the characteristic of the concerned person.

The way the fingerprints and tongue prints are not same for any individual, every person is born with unique palm lines, which makes it possib...

le to analyze the future seamlessly. This is also the reason, due to which, palmistry and astrology are entwined with each other with the same objective of analyzing the future. In fact, the predictions that are obtained from the mathematical calculations and the palm reading are nearly the same.

Every line of the palm denotes different aspects of life and so does the bumps and craters. Acute analysis of the shapes and patterns formed on the palm leads to a precise prediction, which is the brief of the detailed analysis obtained from the birth chart analysis.

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