Mouni Amavasya Pujas

11 Feb 2021

Tarpan done in Gaya on Mouni Amavasya, will get relief from all kinds of debt: 11th February 2021

Gaya is considered to be the city of Vishnu. It is called the land of salvation. Pitra tarpan, shraddha is considered most appropriate here. Shraddh here is free from all kinds of debts.

Puja for everlasting love Pujas

14 Feb 2021

Puja for everlasting love: 14th February 2021

Uma Maheshwar Puja on eve of Valentine day is able to accomplish a purpose for people who are looking for love in their life and are looking for desired partner. This puja is the most powerful way to remove all known & unknown obstacles in love
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Significance of Pitru paksha Puja

Pitru Paksha is an extremely important event that occurs once a year. People offer prayers, food, and clothes to please the departed souls.

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Sarva Pitru Amavasya

Shraddh and Tarpanam rituals are performed for the deceased members of the household who died on the tithis of Chaturdashi, Purnima or Amavasya

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Observing Shradh in 2020

Shradh period that lasts long for a fortnight and falls in the month of September every year. During this time Hindus remember and worship their deceased ancestors

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Who is supposed to perform Shradh Puja?

Pitra Rin can only be cleared by performing the Shradh and carrying out Tarpan for the ancestors and does the Pind Daan.

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What is Shashti Shradh?

Shashti is the sixth day of the lunar month. Shashti Shradh which is also known as Chhath Shradh is the day that is highly considered to perform Shradh of those who passed away on the Shashti tithi of any month.

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