Vastu & Its Importance

You must have come across the term ‘Vastu compliant’ while searching for a property or an apartment. If any office or residential complex is built as per the Vastu, then it is considered as a good omen. However, have you ever thought, what is Vastu? Vastu is an ancient Shashtra and is one of the most important aspects of the architectural science. It assists the workers to construct a residential or commercial space as per this science. This Shashtra involves science that inclu...

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des laws of nature, universal elements, and energy fields, which makes sure the wealth, health, success, prosperity, and happiness is always present at the constructed places.

Vastu is the perfect conjugation of astronomy, art, astrology, and science. In fact, there are people who consider it to be an ancient science of mysticism, which was implemented to build as well as design buildings. If any person encounters with abrupt troubles, then the Vastu Shashtra helps give the life a new dimension, solving the problems in no time.

In other words, Vastu Shashtra is the science of architecture, where the design, measurements, layout, space arrangement, ground preparation, and spatial geometry are arranged systematically. The conventional Vastu Shashtra is derived mainly from the Hindu as well as partly from the Buddhist beliefs. These beliefs lead to a perfect construction of the buildings where the bad omens never get a scope to enter.

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