Janam Kundli

Janam Kundli: A Gateway to Predicting Future

When a baby is born, he or she is marked with a destiny, which is set by the position of stars and planets at the time of birth. In order to get an idea about the future, a horoscope or Janam Kundli is prepared that becomes a basic tool for future predictions. The accurate information about the birth time, birthplace, and date of birth are required to obtain the astronomical calculations. A free horoscope helps procure the free Ascendant, Nakshatra as well ...

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Janam Kundli

as Moon sign predictions.

An accurate kundli can only be prepared by an expert astrologer, as it involves complex calculation of all the positions of stars and planets. This not only predicts the future but also gives precise information about the past, present, future, and personality of the concerned person.

Importance of the Kundli Preparation

A kundli is segregated into 12 houses in conjugation with other signs and planets. The first house is marked as an ascendant and the rest of the 11 houses are numbered in an anti-clockwise direction. These positions vary with every person. In fact, the planetary positions for the individual houses change with the passing time that helps understand the various aspects of that individual for a particular period of time. Every house is dedicated to a particular characteristic of life like career, education, marriage, relationship, health, etc. Not only with passing months but also with passing hours, the planetary positions keep changing that gives the horoscope a new dimension.

Analysis of the positions of these stars, when done by a proficient astrologer, helps understand the personality and future appropriately. This analysis is conjugated with the different Vedic astrology and time-tested principles.

Advantages of Analyzing the Janam Kundli

Natal chart or Janam Patri is one of the main components that help in determining the future and traits of an individual. It has numerous benefits, let’s have a look at a few:

•    The exact information related to birth, leads to an accurate analysis of future.
•    The financial, personal, educational, etc. traits can be easily analyzed with the help of kundli.
•    The perfect match can also be found with the help of the janam kundli.
•    The lucky color, gemstones, number as well as the day can be marked easily with it.
•    The various hurdles of life can be crossed easily when it is known beforehand.
•    The right time to perform an activity and the time to avoid it can also be determined by it.
•    The negativity, as well as the positivity of a person, can be determined with the help of this chart, giving the person a chance to become a better person.

Get in touch with a renowned astrologer to get an insight of the future accurately so that you can brace yourself for a better future.

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