Kundli Match

Kundli Match: The Finest Way to a Perfect Marriage

Marriage is one of the most divine rituals that bind the two souls together as one, in the hope of continuing the relationship for seven lives. However, it is observed in many cases that the couples get along very well and maintain a harmonious relationship throughout. On the other hand, it is also noticed that there are couples who don’t set an example of made for each other and have numerous differences. This is all about the positions of the planets and stars of both the couple and whether they are compatible with each other or not.

Match-making is a part of astrology, which is the mandatory activity before fixing a marriage, in order to lead a peaceful and happy life. The Sun Sign, Moon Sign, Janam Nakshatra, Lagna, and the positions of the stars are analyzed to get the kundli match done. This is the only way to let the perfect person come to your life. This will allow living a peaceful Grahast Jeevan without any hurdles.

In the contemporary world, the rate of divorce has increased to a huge extent as people lack patience and calmness. In order to avoid such situation, Kundli Milan has become an essential task even before fixing the bride or bridegroom.

Kundli match is all about matching the compatibility of horoscopes, which is derived from the eight-fold Vedic test. The natal charts of both the concerned person are analyzed and the position of the Moon is also checked to get the match-making done. This process is accomplished in eight ways and the test results are compared to get to a final conclusion.

The total score is 36 points and is also known as chattish gun or 36 gunas. Each guna represents the characteristic of the boy as well as girl and the compatibility is checked in every parameter. The conjugated result of the zodiac compatibility and kundli-matching helps take the decision.
Out of 36, a minimum score of 18 is the qualifying marks. Below this score, the relationship will not work as expected and must be ended without further ado.

Apart from the kundli matching, Manglik dosha, i.e. the position of Mars is also taken into consideration as this planet is directly related to the health and success of a marriage.

Kundali Matching

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