Radix Number 9



Published on Feb 07, 2019

Radix Number 9

Radix Number 9:

Who all belong to Radix Number Group:

People born on the following dates fall under Radix number 9.


9, 18, 27

Why Radix number 9:

This is because either the single number is 9 or the sum of numbers is 9.

Planet of Radix Number 9 – Mars

Features Number 9:

Karmanye wadhikaraste Maa phaleshu kadachana

Do your tasks without worrying about the final result. This is the philosophy on which people born under Radix number 9 work. These people work hard and do not just keep thinking about the result. They are never disappointed if anything goes wrong. Instead, they work hard to make it better. This hard work and intelligence eventually help them gain success and achieve great heights.

People belonging to Radix Number 9 are brave, strong and say No nothing. They have this spirit of trying their best and always work towards a positive outcome. Results do not bother them and they never accept failures in their lives.

These people are arrogant by nature and get lose their cool if things are not done their way. Patience is just not their cup of tea and calmness is nit their virtue. They love to be unique and do something different.

Number 9 people tend to gain popularity by the kind of unusual tasks they do. Tasks which others consider impossible or difficult to achieve is what they perform to perfection. They achieve the unachievable and thus are an example for others to follow.

Radix Number 9 people are strong both physically and mentally. Their appearance is also very strong. However, they may not be as hard from inside. They are soft-hearted people. Many a times, their bold attitude is perceived in the wrong sense and they may land into trouble.

Leadership and willpower are their inborn qualities and they set an example for others to follow. They can take up any challenging task and can make all his subordinates work towards that common goal.

Such people have a normal family life. However, there are some misunderstanding between the couple. His over anxious and doubtful nature makes him doubt not only others, but his wife too. Many a times such people don’t hesitate to insult their wife in front of others, which causes a conflict in their marital life.

They might also earn a bad reputation in society due to their association with several women. Hence, they face financial crisis most of the times. It is advisable to them to refrain from such associations. Dissolution & corruption also characterizes them and such activities make them suffer losses.

Number 9 people are prone to accidents and most of the things in their life happen unexpectedly. Astrologers recommend them to keep their calm.

Audacity, boldness is also one weakness. Such people do not listen to the full side of the story and pass their comments, which may not be required at all. Not just that, they are also very short tempered and such an attitude even turns their friends into their enemies

Radix Number 9 people are self-made. They do not ask others for help. They are very determined and give all prominence to their hard work. They are very optimistic people and have a strong believe in themselves. They know that they are capable of organizing anything in life.

When the position of Mars is in its best, these people achieve great success. However, when Mars is not at a good position, they face obstacles & failures too.

Dealing in land can bring good fortune to them. Buying and selling land will benefit them a lot. They should however not show aggressiveness while dealing with others as their temperament may spoil the whole situation.

What to avoid:

Never keep a furrowed & irritated face. Such people should smile and that would solve quite a lot of problems in their life. These people must also try to adopt the pleasantries existing in the society to be able to make people understand and love them.

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