Radix Number 8



Published on Feb 07, 2019

Radix Number 8

Radix Number 8:

Who all belong to Radix Number Group:

People born on the following dates fall under Radix number 8.


8, 17, 26

Why Radix number 8:

This is because either the single number is 8 or the sum of numbers is 8.

Planet of Radix Number 8 – Saturn or the planet of ‘Trust’ or the planet of ‘Control’

Features Number 8:

People belonging to Radix number 8 are composed, honest and introvert. It is difficult to understand what is going on with them. Even if they face any difficult situation in their lives, their gestures & behavior will not communicate the same. They do not believe on making a hue and cry about everything in life. Things happen to them unexpectedly and thus it is not easy to predict what next is going to happen to them. Such people are peaceful and love to remain calm.

These people are not immature or childish in their behavior and thus at times, they remain aloof from others. Their talks re based on facts and truth. Such a behavior is due to the effect of planet Saturn on them. However, Radix Number 8 people are very soft at heart. They wait for their perfect partner who can understand their emotions and feeling and not just get influenced by their exterior.

Radix Number 8 people are calm and quiet. They enjoy loneliness as they do not like gossiping about others. They can easily be termed as silent thinkers.

People with Radix Number 8 do not do any work for fanfare. They believe in doing a task in the best manner possible, without craving for any acknowledgement or rewards. In fact, when their work comes to limelight, it is then when people realize the amount of hard work that has gone into it. They are rigid in their resolutions. When they are involved in any task, they do it with all dedication and focus. They take rest only once a task is over.

Since planet Saturn is also called the “Element of air Planet”, this planet has a great impact on the personality of these individuals. Similar to a light wind and breeze which gives us comforts and makes us happy, Radix Number 8 people will try their utmost to make others happy and help them whenever needed. On the other hand, like a storm tends to destroy that comes its way, the Number 8 people, if pokes too much, will take their revenge in the strongest manner. They are true friends and would do everything for their friends.

The biggest quality about them is that they are selfless and do not believe in propagating the services or help they do for others.

He is the helping minded man. He provides his services to the sad, worried and sick persons selflessly. He neither broadcast his services nor he likes to let others know. But, they are bad enemies too. They can go to any extreme to help their friends, but, if then somebody tires to cheat with them, they take full revenge too.

Such people see the extremes. If they enjoy profits, they would gain too much. On the other hand, if they face losses, even those would be too much. They are however able to bring any situation under control within no time. They are powerful people and do not break down if they face any difficult situation.

Low level work do not interest them. They always aspire high rank and respect. If they start a business, they would try and do big business, rather than a small one. They love and respect their employees.

Many a times, their seniors would leave their responsibilities on them because they know such people can handle any situation. Number 8 people hardly get any time for entertainment because their life is pretty dynamic. They are either at the top of the apex or are fire-fighting a situation.

If in business, these people must avoid dealing in black colour in bulk like business of black sesame, iron etc. The reason is that such business would either make or break them.

They have a chance to get sudden wealth because Saturn is the master of fortune and thus Radix Number 8 people can earn fortune any time. However, such people must refrain from gambling. They van however, put in some money in lottery. While purchasing lottery tickets, they must make sure that the sum of the digits of the lottery ticket is 8. They should also try to buy the lottery tickets od a date whose sum is also 8.

These people are not religious by nature. However, if they face a difficult situation, they would visit a temple.

They love to earn money and direct all their efforts in achieving their goals. Luxury attracts them.

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