Radix Number 6



Published on Feb 07, 2019

Radix Number 6

Radix Number 6:

Who all belong to Radix Number Group:

People born on the following dates fall under Radix number 6.


6, 15, 24

Why Radix number 6:

This is because either the single number is 6 or the sum of numbers is 6.

Planet of Radix Number 6 – Venus

Lucky color- White.

Features Number 6:

6 is one of the most influential and powerful Radix Numbers. Planet Venus is the Goddess of love and beauty and thus influences the sexual lives of people. People having Radix number 6 are sober and cultured. They also have a passion for music, arts, cinema and literature. These people like things that are rare and special. They love to collect artefacts and thus are always famous among others.

Radix Number 6 people are good-looking and attractive, both men and women. They are conscious about their looks and health. They love to dress up and their choice of clothes is sober and elegant. These people completely dislike chaos and unpleasant things. They love to be spic and span all around the clock and keep their surroundings the same.

Radix Number 6 men take keen interest in artistic things. They are also inclined towards women. Their passion towards music and other forms of art, many a times, turns them into great musicians. They tend to spend a lot of money and time to pursue their passion.

They should never ever think of doing any work that involves physical labor as it is not their cup of tea. These people are cut out for jobs that require intelligence. These people are restless/agile and thus do not like to be at one place for a long period of time. Also, they cannot do one work for long. They love to travel.

These people mostly indulge into an extra marital relationship and the fear of it being revealed keeps their family life disturbed. They cannot live their life without their beloveds. Loneliness irritates such men and they cannot live alone. They always want a companion.

Love and cooperation are what characterize these people. Their caring nature draws several women towards them and always keeps them in the limelight. Radix number 6 males gel well with women having the same Radix Number. Their smile is what makes them attracts people. Their smile has the capability to turn their foes into friends.

These men are sexy by nature owing to their start planet, which is Venus. Radix Number 6 men an urge for physical relation when the position of Venus is strong in the universe. By nature, these men are jealous. They tend to be competitive and make full efforts to defeat the person who have challenges them. However, if they are able to overcome their jealousy, they live their lives peacefully. Fighting is not for them. They refrain from creating any situation that converts into a fight.

They gave a great capability to influence others and people tend to get convinced by their talks and actions. They are always available for their parents.

Their house is full of luxurious materials, all sorts of gadgets and furniture and also modern art.

Females having Radix Number 6 are fashion Goddess. They love to keep up with the latest trends. They have all the luxuries in their life. Even if they are financially not too strong, they would not hesitate to spend on their fashion. . Women with Radix Number 6 are extremely aesthetic. They are always attracted towards the male of this radix.

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