Radix Number 5



Published on Feb 07, 2019

Radix Number 5

Who all belong to Radix Number Group:

People born on the following dates fall under Radix number 5.


5th, 14th, 23rd

How to calculate Radix number 2:

To calculate Radix number 5 make sure that the sum of digits is 5.

Planet of Radix Number 5 – Mercury

Features of Radix Number 5:

Mercury, one of four terrestrial planets in the Solar System and the inner most planer has a body like Earth. Mercury is related to the mind, the thinking pattern, reasoning, communication, and adaptability. It also has an influence on one’s education. That is why Radix Number 5 people have an amazing capacity to work and always have a hunger to learn more. They have the craving to learn more & more. Whenever they pick up a task, they make sure to complete it on time. They live in a right way and thus become successful in life.

Such people are not contented with just one profession but want to explore more in life. They have great business skills and acumen and thus even if they fail once or twice, they do not deter from their path.

One of the most special features of people belonging to number 5 is that can make any situation favourable for them. They know the value of time and do not like to waste even a single minute. They tend to remain busy and this is the reason the are not able to devote time for their favorite pastime, which is Traveling. However, they tend to earn more money if they travel.

They are intelligent and have the ability to take immediate decisions. They can work for long without getting exhausted. They have the ability to change themselves as per their situation. This makes them a favorite of the people around them and people respect this characteristic of people belonging to Radix Number 5.

These people love materialistic pleasures. However, truth and honest in their relations helps them make a strong bond with friends and family.

By nature, these people love to spend, but are not spendthrifts. They very well know how to control their expenditure.

Number 5 people have a great luck and can earn unexpected fortune or even win a lottery. These people have a great quality of captivating others and thus people love to listen to them and follow them. They are never alone. They also have the ability to make money out of anything, using their brain and decision-making ability. Even if they suffer a set-back, they do not get discouraged, instead they keep moving with their work.

These people do not depend on others. They work in the right direction to promote their business. They are self-motivated. In fact, people who associate with them have a great chance to earn huge profits. They have a great quality to understand and learn.

Their knowledge and ability to work makes also makes them shift their business as well. They are not afraid of taking risks. Their luck start to show after the age of 23 years of age and at the age of 34. They tend to get more favorable opportunities in life.

These men look young even in their middle age. This is because they love to take care of themselves and maintain their body. Their body is such that it can carry heavy work even if needed.

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